Hacked By Alarg53

Hacked By Alarg53

Box Turtles: Endangered Habitat by Luke Carter

Luke Carter is a 6th grader at Central Middle School.

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The Time We Saved A Bird by Devin Harper

This sculpture of a bird commemorates the time my mom and I saved a baby bird that fell out of its tree. My mom...

The White Rabbit By Jennifer Braman

I wake up to find that Lillian, my owner, is setting a bowl of baby carrots in my small cage for breakfast. Nothing new,...


Saving Great White Sharks by Michael McShane

Central Middle School student Michael McShane wants the water to be safe for all swimmers.

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Totally Tech

Combatting Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex Impulses by William Lovelace

In 5th grade I was nervous about going into 6th grade, about getting lost and bullying. My teacher had explained to us how the...

A Tool For New Sixth Graders by Emily Ernst

Central Middle School sixth grader Emily Ernst loves to play sports and travel.

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Hacked By Alarg53

Hacked By Alarg53