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Book Gone Missing by Ryan Merkel


One day, someone was in the Thomas Jefferson section at the Library of Congress. He was so interested in Thomas Jefferson and his writing. He saw one of Thomas Jefferson’s original books. He just wanted it so bad. He was able to unlock the book’s case and get the book out. So, he was able to sneak past the guard at the exit and take the book away.

The next day someone noticed the book was missing. They told the library and they we so angry at the person who stole it. But, there was a problem. They didn’t know who on Earth stole the book. They told the guards that a very famous book was missing and they were going to get to the bottom of it.thief

So, they started investigating. They looked at everyone who entered the library that day and a week before and found nothing that led to solving the mystery of the book robber. This was going to be harder than they thought it would be. They closed off the Thomas Jefferson section, trying to find out what it could possibly be. They looked and looked for clues for months and found nothing just like every other day they searched.

The police gave up but the library wasn’t ready to quit yet. They kept looking for clues and twelve days later they the library found a print on the very bottom the case where the book used to be. So, they took it to the police and they looked into it. They found out who it was. It was a man named Ryan who stole the book.

So, the police tracked him down and took him straight to jail. The library got their book back and the Thomas Jefferson section was back open.

Ryan Merkel is a sixth grader at Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to play basketball and baseball.