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Middle School Harassment by Madeline Loughlin


harassmentMiddle school is hard. You might think otherwise, but I can tell you I am an expert. You may think something else, but I am a reliable source. I know all about bullying, embarrassment, cursing and much more! In a few short months, I have discovered all about middle school and how it works. Probably if you read a lot of this, you will know a lot, too. I will only be focusing on one topic today: harassment.

What Is Harassment?
Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior, which disturbs or upsets, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is behavior, which appears to be disturbing or threatening. This action happens a lot in middle school. In some middle schools, harassment can be physical harassment. Physical harassment is when you are mean to someone physically. For example, a fistfight is a horrible type of harassment. Another type of harassment is verbal harassment. This is a type of harassment that involves saying mean words or cyber bullying.

Why Are You Getting Harassed?
Harassment happens every day. Here is a list of why a bully would harass someone:

  • If you are vulnerable or weak and cannot defend yourself.
  • If you have no self-confidence.
  • If you have no friends around you to help defend you.
  • If you are at a spot where no one is around.

Why Is The Bully Choosing To Harass People?
Here are some of the reasons people become bullies:

  • They have problems at home with their parents.
  • They have been bullied before and want to bully others.
  • Something really sad happened to them and they want to take it out on others.

These are most of the reasons bullies become bullies. If someone is going through something like this and they are choosing the wrong path, help direct them to the right path. They might not think they need your help but they will. If they are still not accepting your help, leave them alone. They will come to their senses. Trust me.
How Can You Avoid Being Harassed?
If you are scared of being harassed, don’t be scared. If you are nervous in the hall, don’t show it. Bullies will go after you if you show any weakness. If a bully tries to harass you ignore him/her and walk away. Don’t let it get to you. If you do that, they won’t think it is fun to harass you. If they say something mean, if it got to you, try to hold it in till your next class. You want to tell an adult immediately then ask to go to the bathroom. If you need to, pour out all your feelings then. Cry as much as you need, it’s ok. Just make sure you talk to someone that can help you feel better. Don’t let your bully know it got to you, or he/she will keep bothering you. Try to use this if you ever feel you are being harassed.
Middle school harassment is a horrible thing. When it happens, tell an adult immediately. We can’t let harassment hold us down. We can be strong! Harassment, in my opinion, is the worst thing about middle school.

Central Middle School student Madeline Loughlin addresses middle school Hhrassment in her first story for MY-Say.