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Middle School Tool by Caden Mewshaw


droid-vectorMy tool to help future middle school students is a Droid named S.T.A.T. (Student Teacher and Tutor).

S.T.A.T. can speak 6,500 languages, hover, and make holograms to teach you no matter where you are. S.T.A.T has a built-in calculator, flashlight, timer, camera, and printer. It has copies of your homework and classwork assignments in case you forget them or miss school. S.T.A.T. checks homework, and is an (optional) tutor. S.T.A.T. has four arms, doesn’t require Wi-Fi because it has an air chip (S.T.A.T. can connect to Wi-Fi if available). S.T.A.T. plays music (can connect to Bluetooth). It can entertain students when they have free time. S.T.A.T. is already programmed with maps to get around any school.

I believe that S.T.A.T. will be a big help to all future students in middle school.

New to middle school? No problem. Central Middle School 6th grader Caden Mewshaw’s droid, S.T.A.T., will be your new BFF.