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The Last Breath by Patrick Hamilton


It’s me, the last one, dark and cold
I’m weak lonely and sad
Depressed that I am the last one
I smell the sweet nectar of the red rose
I fly to it
I then return to the hive I am the only one left
all of my sisters, all died, one by one, choking on the chemicals that were sprayed on the plants human beings don’t seem to care, but they will care when their food will start to disappear and we’re not here to help make more by pollenating
 There are no more flowers to pollenate
It’s the end of us—we’re going to die
No more tasty honey no more flying around
I hate to say this but we are gone

honeybee-whitebackground_jpg_adapt_945_1We could save the bees by restricting the use of pesticides that are killing the bees. We can encourage homeowners to take up beekeeping. Also we can encourage other people to plant flowers that attract and help bees.

Patrick Hamilton, a sixth grader at Central Middle School, lives his life on and around the Chesapeake Bay and takes pride that he is in tune with its cycles.Free Lunch Society streaming