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The White Rabbit By Jennifer Braman


bramanjennifer-the_white_rabbitI wake up to find that Lillian, my owner, is setting a bowl of baby carrots in my small cage for breakfast. Nothing new, it’s the same thing I eat every day, but something seems different today. All of the things she usually has are packed away in brownish colored boxes.

I don’t understand what’s happening and it scares me , but before I know it I’m taken out of my cage and put into this weird smaller, darker cage. After that, she puts me in the trunk of her car, gets in the front seat and starts to drive. I take a nap since it will probably take a while to get to wherever we’re going.

When I wake up I’m terrified. I find myself in the cage in the middle of the road. My first instincts would be to either call for help or try to escape. I try to escape the cage but it’s no use, so next I try to call for help. I make a small squeaking sound and not a moment later a car stops.

A person gets out of the car and starts to pick my cage up but the person stops because I act frightened, then says.,“It’s okay little buddy. I’m going to help you find your owner.”

I close my eyes hoping this is all just a dream, but it’s not a dream; it’s reality. I only wish Lillian was here to comfort me like she always does. Then, the man opens my cage and takes me out. He feels around my neck looking for something. What? What is he looking for? Then he mumbles to himself “This isn’t good, you don’t have a collar.”

I wonder for minute what he means by a “collar.” It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Central Middle School 6th grader Jennifer Braman imagines life as a white rabbit whose life is turned upside down.