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6th Grader’s Guide to Middle School by Samuel Howard


busMiddle School is nothing like elementary school.

Everything is more crowded, crammed, confusing, and more up-beat. Your 6th grade year could be great…or horrible.

A quick tip that I’m going to give you right now is to be very confident. Not overly confident, but you don’t want to look scared and petrified on your first day, even though that’s how everyone feels. If you go into the first day confident, all of the scared kids will look up to you and see as a role model. See, you haven’t said a word yet and you already look like one of the cool kids.

You want to get as much work done in the first week of school because that’s mainly when everyone is judging you. By “work,” I mean you want to try your hardest to make your personality clear because how you present yourself during the first week of school could determine your middle school years. Now that I’ve given you a few starter tips, it’s time for you to learn the basics of 6th grade:
DOS                                                          DONTS

Make as many friends as you can because the more people you know, the better. Act like one of the popular kids.
Be who you are. Try to be cool by saying Internet memes or funny trends.
Try to be original. Do anything crazy in your first year (unless you want to be the crazy rascal).
Know where you stand with other 6th graders, whether you’re popular or not. If you’re a nerd, represent it. If you’re a professional checkers player, represent it. Be someone you are not.
Make your role clear or you will live a fake life for the rest of middle school. Crack under peer pressure. You can’t let people push you around.

In conclusion, these are some of my best tips when starting middle school. To summarize, the two most important things are to not be affected by peer pressure and to make your social image clear to your fellow peers. If you ever get bullied, just shake it off or ignore it. Just remember to be who you are and to have fun. I hope that these few tips will help you during your first year of middle school. Middle school can be a hectic place, so these tips should definitely be a big help.

Final Tip: If you happen to have this book in the hallways, don’t let others see it because they will definitely judge you.

Central Middle School student Sam Howard developed this middle school guide.