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Aliens at the Landfill by Konrad Niwa


On July 24, 2096, aliens were trying to find materials that could be used as fuel for their fleet of ships. They had little fuel left on their planet so they need to get some from another plant. After searching many planets, the Aliens decided to explore Earth. They sent search teams to different locations on Earth to collect samples. One team was sent to a landfill.alien

The aliens searched for days and weeks going through hills of trash called cells. They had the hardest time with cells number six and seven because they were joined together. Lastly, when they got to cell nine their testing devices showed excellent match. The material they found in cell nine was a perfect material to produce fuel for their ships. Then as soon as they started the excavation, a fire started inside the cell. They then noticed that the new trash wasn’t covered with sand, which caused oxygen to seep into the layers of trash. That caused the oxygen to react with the methane gas that was created by the decaying trash which caused the fire. Yet, they weren’t going to abandon this precious finding.

The aliens decided to send their pyro-bots to extinguish the fire. Then they dug out the rest of cell nine. Then the aliens loaded the precious cargo onto their ship and took off to their planet. While they were going back to their planet, they didn’t realize that the material they got on Earth was escaping out of their cargo hold. The aliens remembered that material from Earth wasn’t gravity proof, like the resources on their planet. The aliens quickly sent gravity proofing grav-bots to secure their cargo. It was very hard to get to the cargo hold while the intergalactic ship was at full speed, but the robots did their job. When they returned to their planet, they were awarded medals for all their effort, courage, and bravery in this mission.

The material they brought was perfect for powering their fleet of ships. The aliens realized how effective the material works for their machines and they decided to send more ships to Earth and find and bring more material. The humans were actually happy that the extraterrestrial beings were clearing the Earth of the trash and waste they have at their landfills.

Sixth grader Konrad Niwa, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to play soccer and read books.