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Here Comes High School: An Interview with High School Students By Cydney Simmons


Here Comes High School: An Interview with High School Students

By Cydney Simmons

Cydney SimmonsAs frightening as it seems, high school at South River isn’t that bad if you come prepared and friendly, according to South River High School tutors Ryan and Brooke.

During a recent interview they offered stress-relieving advice: It’s pretty intimidating to be a 9th grader starting out; but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine! Don’t be so startled! It’s not that bad!

All of us middle schoolers know it’s coming…high school. All of the teachers are pushing us to do our best for the years of our life…WRONG!!!

It’ll be so overwhelming because we won’t know what to expect! But, high school tutors for Central Middle School came to the rescue to offer their knowledge about this important topic.

Earlier this year, in Central Middle School teacher Alice Knell’s sixth grade Writing Club, two 9th grade tutors by the names of Ryan and Brooke joined some typical sixth grade students for an interview about what high school is like, what it feels like, and what they think about high school.

Below is the Q&A:

Have you ever been bullied?
The answer was that there wasn’t much bullying at South River; but, some kids are picked on. Ryan and Brooke also said that bullying isn’t commonly seen in the highways and byways of the high school because they are very well watched and they all know what is expected from them.

What –in your mind– was your hardest class?
Brooke said English/Language Arts because there was a lot of analyzing and different kinds of grammar they had to learn. Ryan said that Algebra 2 was his hardest class because it’s a lot harder than Algebra 1.
What has your first year of high school been like so far?

They both said that it was an easy transition, much more work, and more freedom. A funny thing that they both agreed on was that seeing people use their lockers was like seeing a unicorn. No one used their lockers because they get to carry around their backpacks and it’s too long of a trip to go back and forth to your locker.

Were you scared of 12th graders on your first day of school?
The tutors didn’t think ‘scared’ was the right word to use in this situation. They agreed more on ‘intimidated.’ The 12th graders being bigger than you made it intimidating for them.

Are you dating?
The tutors hesitated a bit when the question was asked which made it even funnier for us as they gave awkward looks. Ryan said that at the time he wasn’t dating because he felt that if he started dating a close friend, it would be awkward if he broke up with that person. Brooke agreed with the comment.

Are dances scary?
The high school just had a homecoming so this question was answered very vividly. The conversation started when Brooke said it was very intimidating because there were a lot more people and a lot of promiscuous dancing involved. She also stated that it’s better to go with friends because you get a lesser chance of getting into a bad crowd. The tutors said the hotspots on where to go were the center of the auditorium if you like to dance, or, off to the side if you want to chat more.

Overall, the interview was enjoyable for both sides: the tutors and the sixth graders. This was a fun experiment on what to expect when we go to high school. Then, we can look back and reflect on what we learned in the interview!


Sixth grader Cydney Simmons, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, is a future teacher, author, and artist.