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Summer Bridge Camp by Josh Zehe


stenI had just recently moved and transferred from another school. I had a lot of mixed emotions inside of my head about summer bridge camp. What would the camp be like? What kind of activities would we do there? What would all the kids be like? Would I meet any of my teachers there?

The camp was huge! There were so many activities planned for us. We went swimming in the pool, boating, canoeing, archery and hiking.   There was tennis, volleyball, basketball and we participated in the flag ceremony in the morning. We also had balloon-endurance races, made cardboard boats, played “duck duck goose” and made trail mix with ratios. But, my favorite part of the day was singing/screaming in the mess hall at meal time.

There were close to 50 kids at the camp and I made some good friends. We were divided up into different groups for the bus ride, activities and our cabins. When we were in smaller groups, I started to make some friends.   I also met a few of my teachers there, they were our camp counselors.

Even though I was nervous about attending camp, this turned out to be my favorite STEM experience so far. I met some great friends, had fun and felt more comfortable starting school.

Sixth grader Josh Zehe, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loved STEM summer bridge camp.