Home Cool for School THE ALY POST: Thief Attempts to Steal Gutenberg Bible by Aly Schiappa

THE ALY POST: Thief Attempts to Steal Gutenberg Bible by Aly Schiappa

The Gutenberg Bible. Photo: Library of Congress.

On Thursday, November 12, there was an attempt to steal the Gutenberg Bible from the Library of Congress. Police have arrested a librarian who plotted and planned to steal the book on a very busy day at the Library. At approximately 11:30 a.m., the power and lights suddenly went out. This was a very busy time for the library with many tourists and school groups visiting. Many visitors and young students panicked when the library went dark.

Police report the unnamed worker planned to place the Gutenberg Bible in his knapsack when chaos started. We interviewed one of the school groups from Central Middle School. Their sixth grade STEM group was taking a tour of the library that morning. One student named Joey said they were in the middle of a student activity using binoculars to find clues to fill in their activity books. Joey said that suddenly the lights went out and there were some screams. Joey said the lights were out for about two minutes before they came back on and everybody was calm again. Another student named Mandy said they were really enjoying their trip to the Library learning about a lot of history. Mandy said she really liked the babies carved out of marble that decorated the staircase in the Great Hall.

Police caught the thief as he attempted to leave the Library with the Gutenberg Bible in his knapsack. The report says that when he lights came back on many of the students from the Central Middle STEM program saw the worker with the Bible sticking out of the top of his knapsack. When they saw he was trying to leave the Library they began to scream and point. The police were then able to stop the thief before he exited the Library with the Bible.

The worker has been charged with attempted robbery and the Central Middle School STEM program students were thanked for their help in saving the Gutenberg Bible.

Sixth grader Alysse Schiappe, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to create and build projects in her STEM classes.