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The Camp Letts Monster by Connor Mastal


loch nessCamp Letts was the greatest part of my summer because I was able to hang out with my friends and go to the pool. However, things took an interesting turn.

The tale of the Camp Letts Lake Monster was told at a campfire one night while we ate marshmallows. During the story, a terrible piercing roar cut through the night’s sky like a hot knife through butter; everyone rushed down to the lake to find the source of the roar. We stared in horror at a boat ripped in half and covered with a slimy green goo. Then, I stared at the inky black lake and saw a huge 20-foot long tail submerging back under the water.

It had to be the Camp Letts Lake Monster, I screamed, “Run!” We scrambled for higher ground, racing to our cabins with terror struck on our faces. Luckily, the monster could not get on dry land and we were safe…or were we?

Everyone in the camp woke up exhausted and figured it was just a bad dream. The day’s project was to build cardboard boats and when we finished building our boats, we went to the lake to see if they would float. However, I was paranoid and convinced the Lake Monster was real! I looked in the background and saw a jet skier, so I waved to him and he waved back. But then, I saw the skier get sucked down into the water and all that came up was his life vest! Just then, a strong current directed my team’s cardboard boat (which had a density of one) out into the open lake and that is when everyone saw a black shadow coming straight towards the boat! I fainted and woke up at home, I was relieved to be away from the camp, but I felt like the monster was always watching me.

One Month Later

School started, but I felt like the monster was watching me and could somehow communicate with me even though I was not at the lake. When I get home from school that day, I turned on the television and the news came on, a reporter was telling the story about green goo found in the water. As I watched, I focused on the background and saw a 20-foot long figure twitch and then disappear. Nobody knew where it went after that and I felt it was lurking to claim its next victim.


In all, Camp Letts was very fun and everyone around me enjoyed camp, too. We built boats out of cardboard, hiked, and even toasted s’mores. We also shared bunks and just had lots of fun and since the school year started, the teachers are as equally as nice at school as at camp. I am proud to be one of the kids selected from hundreds of kids who wanted to come to CMS and be part of STEM. I learned a cardboard boat must have a density less or equal to one and the weight must be distributed across the boat evenly in order to keep it afloat.

Sixth grader Connor Mastal, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, called on his STEM experiences to write about a lake monster.