Home Cool for School WHY I HATE HOMEWORK: A Poem by Logan Clay

WHY I HATE HOMEWORK: A Poem by Logan Clay


Homework can really stink
Sometimes I’m too tired to think

It MAY educate me, and it MAY prepare me for school,
Sometimes, but only rarely is that my homework is pretty cool.

“ARRGH,” *erase* *click clack* “What’s the answer!? Shoot!”
Homework is a pain, and what the heck’s the square root?

I would rather be sleeping all day and all night,
Because the homework that I get, makes me stay up overnight.

Homework is evil; I wish that I had none,
Homework, homework, is all I get, man I’m so done…

keep-calm-and-do-your-homework-252Central Middle School 6th grader Logan Clay uses poetry to express every Middle School student’s frustration with the burden of homework.