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I Made a Lego Rubik’s Cube by Sameer Chawla


sameer-chawla-rubiks-cubeMy interests have varied over the years from Legos to Cubing.

When I started to develop my own interests I loved Legos. My biggest build so far is the Tower Bridge in London. I would play with them everyday until I was about 9 years old. I outgrew Legos at that point and didn’t really have a hobby for about a year or so.

Then, during class, multiple kids brought in Rubik’s Cubes and I got hooked. I bought my first speed cube and learned how to solve it. Eventually I started to use it every day. I would bring it to school, class, in the car, and to a friend’s house. I wanted to get much faster and after eight months of practice (I still practice today though), I average around 14-15 seconds. My best time is an 8.16.

I think cubing will be my hobby for a very long time.

 Sameer Chawla is a sixth grader at Central Middle School.