stenWhen I need motivation my one solution is

Creativity cause it helps me, yeah yeah

It is always at school or where ever I need it

All the other kids use it too and you can use it in any class

in Science

in Technology

in Engineering or Math

And even on field trips like the Roedown Farm, the Library of Congress, and Claggett Farm ohoh yeah

A.K.A Science technology engineering and math is STEM

Right now STEM is a selected group of kids that do extra work and more field trips

Plus you have to go to school

On Saturdays which isn’t bad

All the other kids might think it’s a waste of time it’s actually fun

In the STEM group

we use creativity

in order to have success

and finish our special projects like

making a boat out of cardboard and tape that could actually hold a person in it

Or when we created a car that would protect a water balloon down a ramp…

After all that talk about STEM and creativity here are some things about me

and of course this must all come to an end so

So far in Middle my whole life has changed because

In two marking periods I have learned a lot

But of course none of this would be possible without the STEM group plus my friends

and family who supported me and payed for all the field trips.

Thank You.

Sixth grader Shepard Davis, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, puts his STEM experiences to musical lyrics.