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My Trip to the U.S. Naval Academy by Ethan Carter


My trip to the U.S. Naval Academy started by going through the security gate.

Once through, I went to the captains’ quarters. The campus was really empty because the Navy Midshipmen football team was playing the Golden Hurricane at University of Tulsa’s stadium. We were there mostly as a STEM Saturday field experience that including visiting Preble Hall. I was also there to see the other exhibits on the campus, including John Paul Jones’ crypt.

There is a museum at Preble Hall. The first floor of the museum was filled with all of the weapons and supplies used by the U.S. Navy and astronauts throughout history. The next floor was filled with model ships. My favorite part about this floor was an exhibit filled with model boats made completely out of meat bones. The model ships were made by French prisoners about 200 years ago. Below are some pictures of my trip.

usna 1
Ethan Doudna in front of Preble Hall (the museum).
usna astro
This uniform was worn by astronauts who graduated from the Naval Academy in the 1980s.
usna swords
These swords were used in hand-to-hand combat (1700s and 1800s).


usna monitor
This is a piece of the USS Monitor used by the North in the Civil War in 1862.
usna moon
This is a moon rock that came back from the Apollo 14 mission in February 1971.


Sixth grader, Ethan Carter, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, enjoyed visiting the U.S. Naval Academy.