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Rethink Cyberbullying by Alex Vrbensky



Online chat with soccer team players

Situation without Rethink App

Dylan: Great game, guys

Jake: Yeah

Logan: I know

Dylan: Man I am so annoyed that I got that own goal

Jake: well you just need to do better next time

Dylan: I know

Logan: Man if I were you, I would have saved it because I am not that bad. Man you don’t deserve to be on the team.

Dylan left the chat

Jake: Logan why were you so mean to Dylan? You hurt his feelings and he might think you are a rude kid just because you called him a bad soccer player. Man you should try to be nicer so you can have more friends. Try the rethink app it will help you be a better person. I even have it and it is free.

Logan: Ok I guess I will try it.

When people are on a chat or even in a conversation they don’t always think about what they are saying or how it affects others. They do it because they think they are cool but it is making the situation worse. When this is happening, kids can feel let down and alone. That is not good especially when a team is supposed to be working together. This next situation is when the rethink app is involved.

Dylan: Hey guys great game

Jake: Yeah thanks

Logan: Our team played really well

Dylan: I know we were passing very well and we got lots of shots

Jake: so who do we play next week?

Logan: I am not sure

Dylan: I just want to win

Jake: Me too

Dylan: I am annoyed about that own goal

Jake: It ‘s OK

Logan was going to say: Well why did you let it in, if I were you I would have saved it. The Rethink App asked: “Is this a nice comment to post?” Logan changed his comment:

Logan: Everyone gets unlucky

Dylan: Well I have to go

Logan: See you soon

Jake: Bye

This conversation went a lot better and no feelings were hurt. This is because of the Rethink App. The Rethink App stopped Jake and Logan from saying rude things. It made them think and it helped the situation enormously. Kids should be nice because it is the right thing to do and standing up for each other helps everyone. Thinking twice about what people say to each other can change someone’s day.

Below is an acrostic poem as a reminder not to hurt other people’s feelings by using the Rethink App. rethink-app


Central Middle School 6th grader Alex Vrbensky wants kids to re-think their actions and choose kindness.