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Thanks, Jackie Robinson By Dustin Danckwerth


Dear Jackie Robinson,

jackie bookI first learned about you and your life story when I read an article about you. That was when I first learned that you were the first African-American to play in the minor and major leagues. The article said that was breaking the color barrier. I did not know what that meant at the time and why it was important. In 4th grade, I found a book about you in my classroom. Because I’m a baseball player and I remembered you to I decided to read the book about you. The book was titled “Jackie Robinson.” After I read the book about you I saw the movie about you called “42.” When I saw the movie I was amazed at all of your accomplishments because you were able to become the first African American baseball player even though a lot of people made racial comments before, during, or after games. It must have been hard to show up at games if you knew that people were going to be harsh to you.

You taught me that no matter what skin color you are you should be able to do what you want. The lesson in that is that people of every race should be treated equally. This is important to me because I want to be treated fairly like everyone else. My friends feel the same way. When I grow up I will treat all people of all races equally. Thank you for helping me learn this lesson.

Dustin Danckwerth

Dustin Danckerth is a sixth grader at Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County.