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My Friend Katarina Parsons Overcomes Adversity By Luke Carter


Katarina Parsons was six years old when a visit to a friend’s home turned into a tragic accident. Two dogs viciously attacked Katarina. She survived the attack with severe damage to her body, such as five destroyed nerves in her neck which led to loss of feeling and movement in her left arm, a fractured skull, cuts down to the bones on her legs, and many more severe injuries.

Katarina is now seven years old and recovering slowly from her wounds. When she was having a tough time with her pain and was scared of what was going to happen next, she said, “I took deep breathes, breathe in and breathe out.” She thought good thoughts, and prayed to God.

People who helped Katarina these past years were a team of doctors, her mom, dad, three sisters, and her friends. Jesus is a very important part of Katarina’s life and she said, “I love Jesus and Jesus loves me. Actually, he loves us all.”

Katarina can now slightly move her fingers and has regained feeling above her elbow in her left arm and no longer constantly needs a sling. She goes to therapy every day to help in her recovery.

Katarina is someone who is overcoming adversity. She is very strong, and has pure determination to become better. She is a kind friend of mine and she makes me want to be more like her. Katarina has gone through many struggles through her life. When I have my struggles, I think of her and it provides me with the strength to overcome my challenges.

Central Middle School sixth grader is proud of the ways in which his friend Kat is overcoming adversity.