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Two Degrees By Jack Woods


Three people who had to overcome challenges are: Bernice Notenboom, Martin Hartley, and Ann Daniels. They skied from 88 degrees north to the North Pole to raise awareness about climate change.

On day 1 of their 24 day expedition, Bernice, Martin, and Ann discussed how they were going to ski to the North Pole and how much supplies they would bring. On day 2-3 they prepared, packed, did equipment check, and begin ski training. On days 4-22 they skied over Arctic sea ice to the North Pole. This area they skied over was 220km. Finally on April 28t 24 days after they started the team finished their expedition and headed home. During the expedition they took measurements of sea ice to see how fast the ice is melting. Their expedition called 2 degrees was to show how a 2-degree raise in temperature change could the arctic drastically.

The map of the trail the 2 Degree expedition took to get to the North Pole.

During the 22 days they were on the ice they had to battle extreme winds and freezing temperatures.

Central Middle School 6th grader Jack Woods researched a team of explorers that skied to the North Pole to highlight climate change.