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About MY-Say

MY-Say is:

  • An online magazine designed to promote literacy, creativity, and expression by and among Maryland’s middle school students.
  • Written by Maryland middle schoolers for Maryland middle schoolers.
  • A nonprofit venture created as a partnership among children’s author, Jennifer Keats Curtis, SoMIRAC, the Maryland Library Association (MLA), and Maryland educators.
  • Designed to be read online in school, at home, and at libraries at www.My-Say.org.
  • A chance for young writers, artists, and photographers to be selected for assigned articles on a wide range of topics, including health, sports, history, interesting people and book reviews.
  • An opportunity for middle school contributors to query the editor and suggest story ideas, art, and images for publication.
  • A place for SoMIRAC’s Young Authors to be publicly recognized.
  • A closed site. Contributors will be published on the site only after content is vetted by a teacher or parent and vetted by the editor.

During the 2012-2013 school year, three “issues” will be published: in December; at the end of March; and in late May. The ray bans sale major themes of these three publications will be:

  • Perspective
  • Music
  • Transitions (this issue will include the winners of the Young Authors’ contest)

My-Say content is written by, illustrated by, and photographed by middle schools replica oakleys students for middle school students. Content is assigned by the My-Say editor (Jennifer Keats Curtis) and approved by her prior to online publication.  My-Say retains the right to edit all content.

As with all contributions, permission slips and copyright agreements must be signed and returned prior to publication.

My-Say board members recommend story ideas, brainstorm editorial needs and discuss teacher contacts and potential contributors during meetings in-person, via the web, and over the phone. Board members work with school staffs and teachers to explain editorial needs and to ask for help identifying potential student contributors.  Once a potential contributor has been identified, the > editor will work with the student and a teacher or parent to ray ban outlet help provide the specifications of the article, photograph, and/or illustration assignment.

Ms. Curtis and the teacher or parent may work with the contributor to define contacts, explain photographic or illustration needs, Cheap Jerseys and assist as required.

Students may also query Ms. Curtis by email asking her to consider articles, photographs, illustrations, comics, and contests for publication. If the query is accepted, Ms. Curtis will work with the student and a parent or teacher to shape the piece and develop interview and research sources as appropriate. As with every submission, permission slips and contributor’s agreements must oakley outlet be signed prior to publication.

Downloadable contributor guidelines along with the permission and copyright forms are available on the My-Say website.