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Benjamin Franklin: A Poem By Benjamin Hadley


Benjamin Franklin was smart and a genius

But living his life was not so seamless

Ben only went to school for 1 whole year

But he wasn’t a fool and always would persevere.

From his brother’s work, he soon ran away

Learned to read, and wrote newspapers

He would soon meet Deborah, his future wife

He lived with her family and his love of his life.

Ben got curious and started inventing

His creations were unrelenting

From wood fins to lightning rods

He was not a fraud.

From a library for the public, to a fire department

He helped Philadelphia to thrive

Made bifocals for seeing close and far

Then Ben would sign the Declaration of Independence.

Look what Ben did, all by himself

Facing 2 big challenges, you couldn’t imagine yourself.

Central Middle School sixth grader Benjamin Hadley enjoys soccer and writing poetry.