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Beverly Triton Beach Disaster by Tyler Martin


We were all excited when we heard that they were going on a field trip to Beverly Triton Beach. What we didn’t know was that a bad incident would send us all back to school much earlier than expected.

Finally, the time came for the students to go on their much anticipated trip to the Beverly Triton Beach. When we arrived, we split into several groups for different activities. We later had lunch right on the beach, which was a ton of fun. That’s when we started on the next activity. The purpose was digging in the dirt and sifting through what was dug up to attempt to find anything. We had no idea what surprises lay in the dirt below us. It was my turn to try when I hit something hard, and pretty big, too. So, me and one of the students digging with me, tried to dig out whatever it was. Once we finally got it out of the ground, we realized we’d found a really big and old chest. Who knew what secrets it held? There was only one way to find out—opening it.

After a lot of trying, we finally pried it open. It turned out that inside the chest…

…was an old vase!vase

The designs looked original and elaborate. I’d never seen anything like it before. I looked over at the two adults running that station and I didn’t know whether to look as surprised as them or take a picture to make it last longer. After about a minute, they told us that the vase looked valuable.

We were so excited that we were lucky enough to find something as cool and rare as an ancient vase. That’s when it happened.

There was a very soft noise. None of us were sure exactly what it was; but, we all heard it. Then we heard it again, only louder, and it sounded kind of like a creaking sound. We heard several snapping sounds. It was coming from an old tree above us. That’s when we saw a large tree limb was about to come down! We saw it just in time, too. Right after we saw it, it came crashing down near us! We all were jumping and stumbling back to avoid getting hit. Then the other students bumped into each other and hit me. That’s when I was knocked backwards and hit the vase. The vase rolled backwards. The station was located near the beach with a small drop and plenty of rocks beneath it. The vase was about to roll off the drop and no one would be able to stop it.

We had to watch as the vase slowly rolled off the edge and shattered into tons of tiny bits on the rocks below.

On that day, we went back to school early. Only those in my group knew why. We also decided that what happens on the beach stays on the beach. So there you have it, folks. That’s what really happened that day at Beverly Triton Beach.

Sixth grader Tyler Martin, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, used what he learned on a field trip to Beverly Triton Beach to write this comical fiction.