Letts-Boathouse“Come on, we need to finish,” one of my friends said.

Our group was trying to build a boat. And, all we had was a cardboard box and tape. First, we had to cut off the top of the cardboard box to make it so we could get into the boat. Then, we wrapped the entire boat in tape, except the top. My group and four other groups went to the water to test the boats. Someone from each group got inside of the boat. We timed how long each boat could stay in the water without falling apart. After that, we took all of the wet cardboard and threw it away.

We made snack mix and measured the amount to put into the bags. We used math to figure out what amount of marshmallows, Chex Mix TM, raisins, and pretzels to put into the bag. We also made this paint thing where we had a cup of paint, had three long sticks, tape, and string. We had to make it so when we swung the cup, paint would fall out and make a picture on the paper below it. Then, we all shook the cup so paint would fall from the bottom.

Next, it was time for lunch. After eating, we went to the water so we could go canoeing. We put on our life jackets and were ready. My friends and I got into one canoe. Then we were off on the river. The counselors told us we could go as far as the island. When we got closer to the island, our canoe started to tip over. Then it almost sank! The canoe was filling up with water. Then some random man that was on the island came over to us to help us since we could not pick up the canoe because it was filled with water. He helped us get the water out of the canoe. The counselors were calling us back to the shore but we were all the way at the island. We tried to paddle fast but it was starting to tip again. Someone from the shore pulled us back on his boat.

Then we had a siesta where we had a break in our cabin to get changed into bathing suits and rest. After that, we did a mile hike to the pool. We took the swim test to go into the deep end of the pool. I passed. We were in the pool for about an hour. Then it was time for dinner. We had meatballs and no spaghetti! And the meatballs were really small! And they weren’t even good! They also gave us bread to eat. After dinner, we had time to play outside for an hour. Then we had time to play outside for an hour. Some of us went to the zip line. When I got there, they were explaining the rules. When it was time to get on the zip line, the people thought they heard thunder so we were not allowed on the zip line. After that, we had movie time. We watched Night at the Museum. But in the middle of the movie the whole thing just turned off and they could not get it to turn back on.

Then it was time for bed. We were supposed to go to bed at 10 and wake up at seven. But, two friends and I stayed up until 3 a.m. and then woke up at six! So, I got no sleep at all. Our guy that was watching us said we could stay up the whole night if we wanted to. We were playing hide and seek while 10 other kids in our cabin were asleep. Three of the kids had to go home because they threw up and I think it was from the meatballs. A lot of kids went home because they got sick. We also watched a movie on my friend’s phone even though we were not allowed to bring them to the camp.

In the morning we woke up at 6:00 and had to go to breakfast. The breakfast was not that bad. Then we made cars that could hold a water balloons. We dropped them to see if they would pop. You had to try to make the safest car for your water balloon.

At around 12, we had lunch. After we ate, we went to archery class. We shot arrows at targets and went to pick them up. I was not that good at it but some of my friends were. Then, it was time to go to the pool for an hour again before packing up our things to go home.

Sixth grader Ryan Countryman, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loved his experience at Camp Letts so he wanted to write about it.