It was the first day at Camp Letts and we went out to the dock to go canoeing. I had my friends Sally, Ellie, and Sophia in my canoeing group. We got lifejackets and paddles and set out to get a canoe. When we got our canoe, we all got in and paddled out. Ellie got a paddle to push us out and so did Sophia.

When our canoe was halfway to our destination, Sally saw water coming into our canoe! I said, “It’s fine. It’s not a lot.” Now after that, the water was coming in our canoe fast. Now THAT is not normal! Ellie and Sophia raised their paddles up, so the instructor could come to us. We all said, “There is a hole in our canoe!” The instructor did not believe us at first, but then he saw the water in our canoe! He led us back to the dock. When we got back, Sally found the hole and it looked like it was missing a screw!water-sports_74074735

We were able to get a new canoe and went back out to the water. When time was up, we told the story to everybody! Although our canoe almost sank, we laughed all the way back to the dock and had a really funny story to tell all of my friends.

Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, sixth grader Madison Bove, learned that it can still be fun, even when it is lunchtime.