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Please note that student submissions cannot be published on MY-Say until the editor, Jennifer Keats Curtis, receives permission from the contributor’s parent or legal guardian.  Parents or guardians must fill out the form below and return it by email, fax, or mail, prior to the deadline:

MY-Say Permission to Publish

Parental/legal guardian permission must also be granted for minors who are interviewed, quoted, and/or photographed for a story. This form must also be returned prior to deadline:

My-Say Permission to Photograph and Quote Student

Ms. Curtis oakley sunglasses sale will also email Word documents to students, parents, and teachers who make that request. That form can be filled Cheap Jordans in, signed electronically, and returned via email. For more information or to Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses request the form, cheap Air Jordans please email her at jenniferkcurtis@verizon.net.