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Courage By Devin Harper


I met Jordan when I was five years old. At that time, I never thought that she would be one of my closest friends and practically a big sister to me; she is an only child. Over the years, our families have become very close. We’ve had many sibling arguments, shared a lot of funny moments, and traveled to exciting places.

Last year, we were at her family’s beach house in Delaware as we often are during the summer. Like any other visit, we were hanging out in the living room. She told me that she had something important to tell me. I was nervous because I could tell she was nervous, scared, and frightened but I didn’t know why. She sat me down on the blow up mattress and then Jordan told me that she liked other girls. At first I didn’t know what to say. I thought about it and I said, “So what? You’re still the same person I’ve known all these years. You’re still the person I think of as a sister and the same person I met when I was five.

At that moment, I realized why she was so nervous to tell me; she thought I would think of her differently. Over the span of a few months, she told some of her closest friends but for the most part kept it a secret. Then on Tuesday October 11, 2016, she came out on National Coming Out Day. She was at an Adele concert with one of her best friends. She was playing around on Twitter with a post and then and her step-dad dared her “to just post it.” She did and she said, all of a sudden, she felt super relieved that she was no longer hiding this secret. I admire her for this especially at her age beginning her senior year in high school since kids people in general are so mean and relentless about things like this. She is a student athlete so she was nervous about what people from basketball and lacrosse would think about her. Thankfully all of her friends have been supportive and kind, including me.

Devin Harper is a sixth grader at Central Middle School.