Dear Diary,

Today on the news I heard that everything is going wrong.

There is a very important library in Washington, DC, called the Library of Congress; but, the most important book has gone missing. Now it’s up to me to find it.

No one wants to admit it’s the end of the world; but, I know it is. The book has all of the very important rules of law and if I don’t find it, the Congress won’t know what to do. The book, a priceless original in the Jefferson collection, burned when the library caught on fire. So, I need to get going if I want to solve this mystery.

I’m back and I found out that the Jefferson room was never locked! Someone could have stolen it! But, I have an idea. They have records on who came in…maybe I can find out who went in last and that will be the culprit……..I don’t understand I looked through all of the record, but no one was……..OH MY GOSH! I know why I could not find anybody in the records. They came in when the library was closed and when the guards looked, they probably thought they were statues (there are a lot of statues).

t jefferson
Thomas Jefferson Statue. Photo: Library of Congress.

ONE OF THE STATUES IS GONE! It was a statue of THOMAS JEFFERSON. Now who does not like Thomas Jefferson? I know; it’s SARAH LETTER. She always want to take over the government. But I don’t understand. She liked Thomas Jefferson…

I just confirmed with the police it was Sarah Letter! She’s going to prison for the rest of her life. I am so happy that the United States Of America is finally back to its former glory!

Sixth grader Audrey Parlon, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, used her field experience at the Library of Congress to write this fictional diary entry.