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Dear Diary by Elizabeth Wilson



Dear diary,

I am so excited to write all of my juicy secrets, hopes, and all of that jazz in here! This is my first diary in my whole life! I know that this being my first diary is CA-RAY-ZEE but it’s true! Ok, I need to tell you about yesterday’s events. Yesterday was just a normal day at the Library of Congress, until Thomas Jefferson came into the library! Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Colette Surfer. I am in 9th grade (Just an FYI, I am also a detective). I work at the Library of Congress after school. So, back to my story. As you know, Thomas Jefferson came to the library today. I was so surprised! When he came into the library, everybody went crazy!

The manager, Kayla, rushed to Mr. Jefferson’s side and asked him a ton of questions. As they walked away, I helped my fellow workers round up and calm everybody. It was a literal case of CHAOS! The people that saw Thomas Jefferson were screaming to the other people about him! After rounding and calming the visitors, I followed Kayla and Mr. Jefferson. I heard them talking about his books in the library. Kayla was thanking him over and over for the books he gave to the library.

After a while, Kayla had to get back to work. I still followed Mr. Jefferson. It seemed a little suspicious that Thomas Jefferson was here. He’s supposed to be dead! As I was following him, he tried to find the place where his books were. He kept muttering “I need to find those books!”

After a few minutes, I felt bad, so I finally came up to him and asked if he needed anything. He told me that he wanted to see his books. I brought him to the books and walked away. Once I walked a few feet away, I ducked behind a bookshelf and watched him. He looked at the books for a couple of minutes. Then, suddenly he quickly looked around and took 10 books! Mr. Jefferson put the books in his satchel and ran! I ran after him! I needed to get those books back! I didn’t want to look suspicious, so I grabbed my bag and said that my mom had called and told me to come home early.

I did not want to lie, but I had to get those books! The books that he stole were the most valuable books in the library! I couldn’t let him get away. Mr. Jefferson scrambled out of the library and sped down the road. Obviously, he had seen me because he started to run faster. I knew I couldn’t keep up any longer. I slowed down and thought about the situation. I didn’t know what to do.

Maybe Thomas Jefferson was a thief disguised as the dead man. I didn’t understand why a thief would disguise himself as a dead person. I decided that I would tell the police. They could help me track down the man disguised as Thomas Jefferson.

Once I got to the police station, I told the police officers about the thief. The police didn’t believe me, but then their security camera showed Thomas Jefferson trying  to break into the bank. The police officers and I sprinted to the bank. While we were going to the bank, Thomas had gone to a hardware store across from the bank. We caught up to him just before he came back from the store with an axe in his hand. Before we could say a word, he got into a car and drove away. “How are we going to get him now?” I questioned the police officers. “We drive after that dirty thief,” a police officer named Bob said.

We hurried to a police car and drove after Mr. Jefferson. After 15 minutes of searching, Bob said that we should head back to the police station. The police station was in madness when we came back.

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson had come to the police station and wrecked it while the whole team of police officers were searching for him. Bob and I continued searching for the thief, while the rest of the police officers were cleaning up the police station.kid-detective-clipart-Detective-Girl

We finally found him in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city. Bob and I crept up to the building. Mr. Jefferson didn’t see us and kept on with what he was doing. We were right behind him and he still hadn’t noticed. Bob quietly counted to three and he and I threw a net over Mr. Jefferson. At the last second, he jumped up and took off with the stolen books!

Bob and I were really disappointed that we didn’t catch him. Luckily, the thief left a picture of himself and his family. He had even labeled everyone! It turns out that Thomas was one of the most wanted thieves in Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, AND North America! We went back to the police station and found out that the police had put a tracking chip into Thomas while he was in jail. Thomas was at the Under Armour store in the mall. The whole team of police officers came with Bob and me for backup.

While Bob and I found Thomas Jefferson, the rest of the team were stationed around the mall so Thomas couldn’t escape. In the end Thomas got thrown in jail and I got a trophy for being THE BEST DETECTIVE IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!

Today was the best day ever! I can’t wait for my next case!

See you later!

Sixth grader Elizabeth Wilson, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to read and cheerlead.