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Extinction by Jack Woods


stuffyoushouldknow-podcasts-wp-content-uploads-sites-16-2014-10-extinction-sysk-600x350Our planet is constantly changing and the animals that live here are suffering the most.

Global warming is a key factor in play. It all starts with the earth heating up from CO2 that melts the sea ice; now, that won’t raise sea levels, but now the sun is not reflected by the sea ice.

Without the sea ice, the sun begins to melt land ice, and that can drastically raise the sea level. Sea levels rising will affect us and animals that live near the coast. Additional problems are over fishing and poaching. Can you imagine a world without fish? Overfishing won’t only get rid of fish, it will completely disturb the food web.

No fish=no dolphins or sharks.

One example of solving the problem of overfishing took place in Indonesia. Indonesia used to live off the manta ray. Many people believed the gills of the rays can prevent cancer. These people would go out every day and harpoon these gentle giants, hunting them to near extinction.

In 2014, the manta ray fishing was banned, and now the people of Indonesia give tours of the reefs were the rays live, and make more money than they did hunting! It is sad to say, but it is the truth that we could lose many species in the next decade. One of these species is the Toughie Frog—it is down to its final member—that’s right, there is only one Toughie Frog left in the world. It may seem that some animals are doomed, but if we start now we can save many animals.

We need to look for other ways to make money and live with the animals. We are the generation that the earth will depend on—will we save it or destroy it?

Central Middle School 6th grader Jack Woods discusses how humans need to change their habits to conserve different animal species.