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Facing Challenges And Fear Every Day: Wendy Bordewisch By Kayla Bordewisch


My mother, Wendy Bordewisch, faces challenges every day. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She was diagnosed in 2007 when my younger brother Gavin was born. Hearing this news with a toddler waiting at home and a four-month-old baby on her shoulder was the scariest thing she ever had to go through. The future became the unknown and her life flashed before her eyes in a way few can understand.

MS is a disabling disease that effects the central nervous system so it effects the flow of information within the brain and body. In other words, the goal of M.S is to stop your body from moving. Every day she is faced with the thought in the back of her head that today could be the day that her body stops working. So, she is faced with boundaries constantly in everything she does.

However, with all of this happening she still pulls through. Recently she has joined the board of trustees for the MS Society. She attends meetings monthly and fights for a cure for the disease she is faced with every day. Now, she helps people everywhere who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis through her annual MS Walk. Her team is called Walking with Wendy and this is her 10th anniversary. My mom currently has one of the largest teams in the country; so, what was once one of her biggest challenges has turned into an amazing success story.

I hope by reading this you want to support her as much as I do.

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Central Middle School Student Kayla Bordewisch loves to dance and hang out with friends.