One day, Fox went down to the Chesapeake Bay. He had lived near a creek all his life and had not been to the bay in years. As he trotted down towards the water’s edge, he saw the water and it was not as clear as he remembered it. Fox shrugged and took a drink, which he instantly spat


“This water tastes horrible!” he exclaimed. Fox dashed towards wise owl’s house. He tried to stop as he neared the tree, but ended up crashing into it.

“Goodness Fox, do you ever use your own feet to stop yourself?” asked a voice from the tree. Wise Owl fluttered on to a branch near Fox. “Wise Owl, something is wrong with the bay!”

Wise Owl sighed, “Yes, there is, Fox. It has been polluted for a long time.”

“Well than I have to help it!” Fox turned to leave but Wise Owl told him, just in time, to get his friends to help him. Fox nodded and sped off.

“Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel! You have to help me find all of our friends!” Fox shouted through the woods. Deer emerged from a hollow a few yards away while Rabbit hopped out of her den. “Do you know where Squirrel is?” Fox asked. Both his friends shook their heads. Suddenly there was a rustle in the tree as Squirrel popped out and jumped onto Fox’s head. “Hey!” Fox shouted in confusion. “Ha ha! I got you! Now what is it you need help on?”

“Finding all our friends for some reason,” answered Rabbit, “Just please do it quickly! Meet me by the shore when you’re done.”

They all turned away and ran into the bush. Fox tore down to the shore were he waited for his friends to return. When they did, he shared what Wise Owl had told him and expressed that they needed to clean the bay of its pollutants. They got to work building tools that would filter the water from the bay. When they finished, they started to filter the bay.

It wasn’t long before Robin tweeted, “Uhh, Fox there is trash in here too!” “Oh no!” Fox exclaimed “I’ll go tell Wise Owl he’ll tell us what to do.” Fox raced to Wise Owl’s tree where he narrowly avoided crashing into it.

“Wise Owl! There is trash in the bay too!”

“Yes, sea creatures like fish die from eating it or getting stuck in it,” Wise Owl told Fox from his perch in the tree, “You will have to take it out for the bay to be healthy again.”

Fox nodded and ran back to the shore. He called half of his friends over to help make tools to help him get the trash out of the bay. While they were working, he noticed the bay was getting clearer! Trash was floating around in almost blue water! Fox rushed to help get the trash out. Followed by all his friends, they cleaned the bay of all the pollutants and trash.

“Hooray we did it! We did it! We cleaned the bay!” Fox ran from the celebration to tell Wise Owl. “Wise Owl we did it! The bay is clean!”

“Congratulations, Fox, you have saved the bay!”

Sixth grader Ryan Campbell, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, enjoys competitive horseback riding and is a nature enthusiast.