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Franklin D. Roosevelt Overcomes Adversity By Jimmy Flake


Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) overcame adversity when he contracted polio at the age of 39 at a time when he had a bright future in politics ahead of him. When he was diagnosed, he tried physical therapy and swimming to regain his muscle strength but nothing worked. He had to accept the fact that he would be paralyzed from the waist down. He then ran for Governor of New York and was elected.

FDR then ran for the White House. He told the press that he did not want any of them taking pictures of him when he was in his wheelchair or getting out of the car needing help. He said this because people back then were not as accepting of people now and they would not have accepted a person with a disability.

Once he was elected as the 32nd president of the United States, FDR had a lot to do. He had to get America out of the Great Depression which was not easy. (The way they got out was with World War II and how it created many jobs). During the war, he was still President and after his two terms were over, he was elected again. He served in office for 12 years and was the only President to have served four terms. Even though he had a disability, he is still considered one of the greatest Presidents to this day.

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