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How Can I Get Published on MY-Say?

If you’re in middle school, you have something to say. In fact, you probably have a LOT to say–about your likes and dislikes, the kind of music you want to listen to, which sports you consider cool, your parents’ rules, and the NBA Jerseys Cheap book that you just read and you Cheap mlb Jerseys kind of enjoyed. Heck, just ask you; you have opinions on everything.

But, where do kids your age get a chance to have their say?

Here. On MY-Say. (Get it?)

We are here thanks to the State of Maryland International Reading Association Council (SoMIRAC); the Maryland Library Association (MLA); principals and teachers from around the state; and children’s author Jennifer Keats Curtis. They have joined forces to develop MY-Say so that you can have your say.

As the editor, it’s Ms. Curtis’s job to work with principals, teachers, parents, and students to hear story ideas and consider which articles, lyrics, poems, art, cartoons, and photos can be published on MY-Say. With permission from parents and teachers, you can email her at jenniferkcurtis@verizon.net and ask for a story or art assignment. Or you can email her directly to suggest your own story ideas, art, and images for an upcoming issue.

Peruse the site. Check out the contributor’s guidelines, then consider what you want to say and how you’d like to contribute to the next issue. Brainstorm ideas with your buddies. Talk to your parents and teachers and run your ideas by them. Then, email Ms. Curtis with your suggestions. Tell her what you’d like to write, draw, or photograph; how it pertains to Maryland middle schoolers; and how you plan to gather that information to complete your story on time.

If your story idea is approved, she will provide details, the specifications, of the article, photograph, and/or illustration assignment, and work with  you and a teacher or parent. She will help you research your story, find sources for interviews, and photos,  and assist you as needed. She will expect you to get your paperwork (permission slips and a standard contributor’s agreement that must be signed by a parent or legal guardian) and your story in by the deadline she gives you.

Tips for Querying the Editor

A query is a professional way of proposing a good story idea, photo, comic, or illustration to the editor. Well-written queries include a hook and explain why readers need to read a particular article (or see your picture or illustration). When querying Ms. Curtis, please be sure to include your name, grade level, school name, and the parent or teacher with cheap nfl jerseys whom you’ll be working.

At this time, queries are accepted by email. Please email your ideas to Ms. Curtis at jenniferkcurtis@verizon.net.  In the subject line, indicate what your story is about. In the body of the email, please note the department in which it fits. MY-Say regular departments include:

  • Arts & Music
  • Environment/Green
  • Fiscal Sense ($)
  • Gallery  (Art; lyrics, poetry on select themes)
  • Health
  • High-Sci (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • History
  • Literacy Initiatives (SoMIRAC/MLA)
  • My Peeps (Interesting people in your school and around your town)
  • Person on the Street (POS) Interview (Asking students 3-10 questions about select topics)
  • Reflection (I Say)
  • Snapshot/Style
  • Sports
  • Student Service Learning (SSL)
  • Travel

For example:

To:                  jenniferkcurtis@verizon.net

From:               Penny Jones

Subject:            Bedtime for Middle Schoolers?

Dear Mrs. Curtis;

Even though I’m 13, my parents still make me go to bed at 9:15 p.m. every school night. My friends and I have been discussing “bed time” and whether it’s necessary for middle school students.

I’d like to survey 10 students at my school to find out about their bedtimes. I’d also like to do some research (including an interview with my school’s guidance counselor) to learn how much sleep middle school students require and if we are old enough to set our own bedtimes.

I’m proposing an article for the Health department of  MY-Say that includes a survey of the students, sleep requirements, and information about bedtime for 6th through 8th graders. I can also include photos of the students with whom I talk for the article.

Thank you for your consideration.


Penny Jones, 7th grade, Severn River Middle School

Parent advisor: My hockey jerseys mom, Jesse Jones


Tips for Writing Your Article

Your first step should be researching your topic. Read at least two different sources to gather information. Jot down what you have learned. Then, make a list of questions that you want to ask the teacher in charge of the competition and at least one of the student participants during your interview. Think about what you want to know. What does your reader want to know?

Once you’ve come up with your questions, you are welcome to share them with Ms. Curtis, your parent, or a teacher. (In some cases, Ms. Curtis may help you develop questions and/or conduct the interview with you.) They may help you edit the questions. The amount of time the interview takes will depend upon the number of questions that you have and the complexity of the questions. Consider questions that won’t be answered simply yes or no. Please be respectful of your interviewee’s time constraints.

When conducting your interview, observe the person carefully and take notes. What does s/he look like? Where are you conducting the interview? Try to ask one question at a time. Listen carefully to the answers and jot them down. You may record the interview if you wish. You must get permission from the interviewee before you begin recording. At the end of your interview, thank the person for her or his time and ask if you may follow up if you have further questions.

As soon as possible, cheap nfl jerseys write up your notes as a first draft. Remember to show rather than tell. Be specific with details.  Make sure they support your main idea.

Remember, writing is a process!  You may need to edit your article before it is complete. Carefully proofread your typed work and email it to Ms. Curtis at jenniferkcurtis@verizon.net. Expect the editor to suggest revisions and edits plentiful and be prepared to make them as directed.

We, at MY-Say, are looking forward to helping you get your say.