One spooky night in Washington D.C., at the Library of Congress, there was a robbery. All of the books were missing! No one knew who stole the books or why? The people that worked there were worried and befuddled. They couldn’t figure out how the books were stolen under such heavy security. There were so many books. How did the robbers get all of those books out of the building in one single night without getting caught?

In the midst of all the confusion, the building manager called the police. The Capitol police sent their best investigation team. Detective Daffy and his side kick, Lieutenant Larry, arrived at the scene of the crime. That would be the Library of Congress. He had the crime scene department dust for fingerprints, search for clues and take pictures of all the empty bookcases. They didn’t find any fingerprints but they did find paw prints.

paw-printsDetective Daffy was perplexed! “Why would there be paw prints, how could dogs be responsible for the theft and why would dogs want all of these books?” He asked himself. He walked around the inside of the building and then the outside of the building. On the corner of the building behind a giant bush he found a large hole in the dirt. “Lieutenant Larry, come here! I want you to crawl through this hole and see where it leads.” Detective Daffy said. Lieutenant Larry went down the hole, through a tunnel and came out inside the Library of Congress.

He called for the Detective and showed him how he moved part of the floor and came out under one of the tables in the study. He also showed him what he had found in the tunnel. “Now, this is a clue!” exclaimed Detective Daffy. The Lieutenant had found some dog treats. But they weren’t just any ordinary dog treats. They were special gluten free, all natural dog treats make only at the Bow Wow Bakery. He also found a map of Washington, DC and the Library of Congress. The Detective had the crime lab dust the map for fingerprints. They found some prints and put them into the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, also known as IAFIS. But unfortunately, there wasn’t a match.

When they left the library, the temperature had dropped and the fog had rolled in. Detective Daffy and Lieutenant Larry headed over to 302 Pennsylvania Ave., SE. This is the location of the Bow Wow Bakery. Funny, how it wasn’t too far from the Library of Congress. Once they arrived they noticed the bakery had a gigantic warehouse behind the bakery. They thought it was very strange that such a small doggie treat bakery would have such a huge storage space. They tried to look through the windows but someone had put black paint on them, making it impossible to see in. they couldn’t go inside without more proof. So, they bought some special doggie treats just like the ones they found.

They took the box of treats back to the crime lab so they could check for fingerprints. The prints matched one of the bakers named, Baker Billy. The crime solving team went back to the bakery and picked up Baker Billy and brought him back to the cop shop for questioning. After hours of interrogation, Baker Billy gave it up. He said, Bow Wow Bakery was just a front for the selling of historical books. He also gave up his partners, Savvy Sandi, Delinquent Danny, Poison Ivy, Dangerous Donovan and Grandpa Joe. When the team went back to the bakery they arrested all they thieves. They went into the warehouse and found all the books that had been stolen and gloves that looked like dog paws. They returned all the books to the Library of Congress and once again the famous DC crime solving team, did it again! Detective Daffy and Lieutenant Larry went back to headquarters to wait….. for another mystery.

Sixth grader Dustin Danckwerth, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, lives in Annapolis. He has two brothers, two sisters, and a dog; loves baseball, likes video games and wrestling, and loves to play outside.