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Mystery of the Library by Austin Johnson


Famous detective Nick (no one knows his last name) arrives at the Library of Congress at mid-day. He is investigating a fire at the Library of Congress. There had been two other fires before. The first was when Thomas Jefferson had books in his library and the British set his library on fire. The second happened in the Library of Congress in the Thomas Jefferson section. Now, a third fire, and a big one, too.

Burning-book-001There are almost no books left. Not just burned books but books missing completely. Something is wrong here and I am going to figure out what it is. When I start looking around, I immediately find clues and it starts to make sense. It looks like all of the security books and logs are missing and some doors have signs of forced entry. This points to a robbery to do more damage. They burned the place. Now we need to figure out who did this and why and soon; or, we may have a serious case of problems coming soon.

We have footage of a group of men and it looks like they are trying to conceal weapons but we never see them leave. They are put on America’s Most Wanted list and are soon located. The military storms their house and finds all of the books that were missing as well as plans to attack the White House. This was a close call and lots of history was destroyed and damage done; but, it is no longer a risk.

Austin Johnson, a 6th grader at Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, learned about the fires of the Library of Congress on a STEM field trip.