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Puppy Love by Sabrina Knight


Puppy Love

by Sabrina Knight

Sabrina KnightBuddy is my dog, my cuddle-bear, and my friend
He’s as sweet as chocolate cake
He will love me till the end
And my heart is his to take

I had a surprise on the day that I turned five
My Grandma took me to the pet store
I couldn’t wait for us to arrive
I couldn’t wait to open the door

The store was filled with girls and boys
Talking and laughing with glee
You’d think they were there to pick out toys
But it was something else they came to see

The smell of puppies and kittens was in the air
And colorful birds were singing out loud
My Grandma asked if there was someplace where
We could meet the puppies away from the crowd

An army of puppies with happy faces
Suddenly surrounding me with silly surprise
They came at me like the puppy races
And covered me from my toes to my eyes

They were licking my face and tasting my joy
They fit me with a furry, fluffy, glove
Little did I know I’d meet my boy
My dog, my cuddle bear, my Puppy Love

Eighth grader Sabrina Knight, Crofton Middle School, Anne Arundel County, wrote her poem about the puppy she got for her fifth grade birthday.