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Rhyme by Colton Swank


camp letts boathouseToday I will rhyme,
Because I have a lot of time.

First, we woke up,
And I missed my pup.
We are at Camp Letts,
So we started making bets,

“My boat,
will float,
yours will sink,
to the bottom like ‘plink’.”

Then, we all,
Went to the mess hall,
To go eat,
Some mysterious meat.

After, we went to some place,
To design, build, and ace our cardboard boat,
That I didn’t think would float.
Next we went to go see,
Our boats float on the sea.

After that,
We all went ‘scat’,
To go eat,
Some more mysterious meat.

Then, to get cool,
Se went to the pool,
To end our day we all went “YAY!”

Finally, we left on the bus,
With just a little fuss,
Because the weight and smell of our bags,
And I think I heard some gags.

Colton Swank


Sixth grader Colton Swank, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to ski and cannot wait for it to snow.