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Should Girls Play Football? By Julia Weisgerber


Should Girls Play Football?

By Julia Weisgerber

footballThis is my opinion about girls playing the same sports that some people believe only guys should play (football.) My writing is inspired by the new nickelodeon TV show Bella and the Bulldogs.

YES!! I absolutely believe that girls should definitely be able to play football! Many people believe that girls aren’t as good as boys at sports and it really upsets us girls because girls are just as good as boys! Girls normally have the rep of being all girly, loving to go shopping, and being all scared of everything. That’s not true. Some girls are like that, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! It’s just that all girls are judged for being worthless sometimes and it’s really hurtful! ^ In this inspiring new nickelodeon show, there’s a girl named Bella who becomes the quarterback for the football team at her school (the Bulldogs.) This girl doesn’t care about what people think. Yeah, she gets teased and picked on, but she stands up for what she believes in! Girls should be able to play football if they want to, because nobody is better than another! No boy is better than any girl and no girl is better than any boy. Everyone has the right to gender equality and no one should invade that right.

Sixth grader Julia Weisgerber, Thurmont Middle School, Frederick County, loves to go fishing and play basketball.