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Social School Problems By Dariana Kerrick


I decided to interview a friend who would like to stay anonymous. For most of her school years, she was bullied and had an anxiety disorder. Students made fun of her because of her uncontrollable, at times, shaky hands and because she talked funny and stuttered a lot. Sometimes she would freak out on tests because she was worried that she got the answer wrong. It would start with sweating, breathily heavily and then she couldn’t write right. Tantrums involved running around the room, hiding and hysterical screaming. So she did therapy, including occupational, speech and physical, for her shaky hands, stuttering and constant worried thoughts. My friend said that she started getting better after a few months of therapy. She could say a couple sentences without stuttering.

She practiced calming exercises that actually worked on tests. When my friend started to get better, she started to feel better about talking to others so she made new friends. She finally got the courage to join a club and was named fanciest writer. She was allowed to help in hands-on learning involving liquids because her nervousness and shaky hands had quelled and she no longer spilled.

 My friend got bullied less because she no longer had a reason to be bullied. She actually did a lot of stuff due to the improvement, including getting voted for president and supporting the students well without stuttering. Today, she is pretty healthy but every once in a well still goes to therapy. My friend is now a successful counselor/therapist who helps others like her, who were bullied in school because of disabilities. 

Central Middle School sixth grader Dariana Kerrick used what she learned at home, having a little brother with a behavioral disability.