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The Clash of the Seasons by Elle Johnson


The Clash of the Seasons

by Elle Johnson

Mass destruction. That’s what happens when the Seasons clash. The human race has been wiped out, and so has everything else, and there’s one person who knew how it all happened. That one person is me. I’m also the only one who survived The Clash of the Seasons and will survive everything.

I’m not a very cheerful person, but I am when people come and see me. They all came to see me shortly after the Seasons clashed.

index It started with Winter. The constant blizzards were finally about to end because Spring was coming. Spring was on her way, which meant that, here in Japan, soft pink cherry blossoms were soon to cheerfully bloom and everything would be a little happier. Everyone’s spirits seemed to lift once it got warmer and people got a break from the ice, sleet, and snow. Winter and I had the same reaction to a new Season coming along. We didn’t wish for Spring, because now we would always have to see cheerful people smiling from ear to ear. I may not be the best person in the world, but I wouldn’t have done what Winter did. What Winter did was unbelievable and unreasonable.

Today was the day of Winter’s annual death. Every year, Winter dies and ceases to be revived until the next year. The wait to be Head Season again was painfully slow, and it felt like that for all of the Seasons. Winter wouldn’t be around for another year, and that pestered him like a fly that you can’t seem to catch. Winter hated the other Seasons, and I know all of this because he comes to see me. When he isn’t Head Season, Winter visits and we talk. He told me that, although he is a polar opposite of Summer, he gets along better with her than with Spring. Spring got on his nerves. She always made everyone happy in Japan, what with the cherry blossoms that bloomed ever so perfectly. Winter felt he made people happy, too, and that Spring was overrated. Have you ever seen the little children, screaming with joy as they sled down a perfect hill? Or families out in their yards, enjoying building a snowman with each other, or even making a whole snowmen family? Winter reassured himself that nobody would ever see that if it weren’t for him. But Spring was a kiss-up, a people pleaser, if you will. It never helped that Spring was the Season that killed Winter every year.Blooming-Pink-Cherry-Blossom-pink-color-34590866-1600-1200

Spring hated the season that came right after her; Summer. Every year, Summer outdid herself with the sun and the, well, what else did she need besides the big, bright sun? Everyone loves the sun. Even when they stay outside too long and get sunburnt, people still love it! They go outside and play with not a care in the world, experience pain from a sunburn, and then go out and repeat the cycle all over again! Summer killed Spring every year. All Spring ever wanted to do was make people happy by bringing warmth back to Earth, but Summer always insisted that it was her turn to be Head Season when it felt too soon. Everyone hated Spring though, because she always made people joyous. Spring was like an overachiever who never stopped outdoing people. In addition to Spring being so supercilious, the other Seasons thought she was crazy because she hated Summer. Summer is so sweet and kind, and hating her is just unimaginable. Summer was always kind to everyone; who couldn’t love her? How do I know so much about Spring? Well, she talks to me, too.

Summer has an enemy, as well. Autumn was always getting on her nerves because each year he would kill her (she comes and visits me when that happens), and so many people seem to admire him. He’s not that much, really. I mean, sure, he brings so many pretty and vibrant colors to the trees, and he often times is the mediator between other Season’s arguments, but he’s not all that. Autumn was too shy and reserved. It always seemed as though he had a secret or some detail that he wasn’t quite sharing. He would lay low all year, flying under the radar, and then BOOM! Just like that, Autumn would strike and Summer came to visit. She would visit me until the next year came around. Summer had a hard time saying bad things about Autumn, though. He was so quite that she didn’t know much about him, but she did know that he may seem nice on the outside, but he was just as competitive as the other seasons. The others didn’t seem to mind, but Summer just couldn’t stand that he could be so sneaky.

On to Autumn. He tells me everything, as soon as Winter ends him. In fact, I probably know more about him than anyone else ever will. Autumn despised Winter. He felt that his season was the best, and ending it for a Season with so much bitter cold was just terrible. Winter had a bit of an ego, and was always boasting about his greatness. According to Winter, he was perfect, but there was more to him than it seemed: he was vicious, too. Annually, he killed Autumn and was completely happy about it. You can guess that Autumn wasn’t as pleased about it as Winter was.

Mother Nature controls all of the Seasons. Mother Nature was always watching, making sure the order of the Earth stays in place. Centuries ago, she had The Calendar made to help, and it depicted when each Season started and ended. You see, she had a pretty bad memory, so Mother Nature needed something to help keep track of the Seasons. The Seasons had the power to control how long they lasted, but they knew major consequences would result if they even attempted to make their Season last longer than the others. If one year, a Season was particularly bitter about ending that year, they could stay and force the next Season to postpone their start. That Season would get in tons of trouble (Mother Nature always threatens to take their Season off The Calendar) if they tried to live longer than they were supposed to. It would throw Earth and Nature out of whack.

This didn’t stop Winter, though. Of course it wouldn’t stop him – Winter didn’t care about Earth and Nature’s balance. He just cared about himself. The day it was Spring’s turn in the year of 2067, Winter refused to leave his position. Mother Nature had fallen asleep while monitoring a flood in Thailand, and wasn’t overseeing the dilemma between Winter and Spring. The Seasons were awfully frightened because they didn’t know what would happen; this had never occurred before. Being the over achiever that Spring was, she planned on tattletaling to Mother Nature, but something stopped her. Something in the back of her mind told her that she was so predictable, and that every other Season would know she’d go and tell Mother Nature.

“Not this time,” she said, with a determined tone to her voice.

Spring didn’t go to Mother Nature. She decided to take matters into her own hands and fight Winter herself. She clashed with Winter and chaos resulted. Japan, along with the rest of the world, suffered major occurrences. Frost attacked cherry blossoms, and flowers destroyed every snowman standing. Families were left in confusion. Bigger things happened than that, though. The Earth was so confused that two of his seasons were fighting. He was so puzzled that Nature got upset. As Earth’s temper was heating up, so was Nature. Global warming became severe, and polar ice caps melted, leaving polar bears and penguins stranded in Antarctica.

Summer was now angered at Spring because she had battled with another Season, and that was against the rules of Mother Nature. Mother Nature was bound to rage at Spring, as soon as she woke from her slumber. Summer was so mad at Spring, but she admired that Spring was like her; always making people happy with warmth. Just the idea of warmth made people grin in the Winter time. Summer understood Spring didn’t like her, and that was okay (every Season had a little rivalry, it was inevitable). She thought that, with some convincing, the Warm Seasons could join together and become unbeatable against the Cold Seasons. Yes, that was it, that was the best idea ever. It seemed like such an obvious decision to make; working together and becoming the only two Seasons.

Summer had a little grudge against Autumn, considering the fact that he took over every year and was the reason her Season came to an end. Along with the colorful reds, oranges, and yellows Autumn brings to the leaves, he also makes the air chilly. Harsh winds thrived on the Earth when Autumn was Head Season. Being cold makes people unhappy, and neither Summer nor Spring liked people being unhappy. So, they came up with a plan. The Warm Seasons were going to take down the Cold Seasons and keep the Earth warm and happy all year long. They got together one night in the hills of Japan to devise a plan. The plan was to outsmart the Cold Seasons with trickery. The Warm Seasons surprisingly worked well together, and they were pleased that they agreed with each other so well.

While the Warm Seasons plotted their scheme, Autumn was nearby, admiring the countryside of Japan. He overheard them talking, and instantly grew angry.

images“How could they do this?” he exclaimed.

Winter didn’t mind Autumn, and for once, Autumn didn’t seem to mind him. Autumn was so mad at the Warm Seasons for turning against the Cold Seasons that he was willing to work with Winter. Winter, an already bitter Season, knew it was time for revenge. And so, the Cold Seasons’ partnership began. Each and every night, the Cold Seasons advanced their plan to dominate the Warm Seasons. This proved to be quite easy because both of them collaborated well as long as they focused on a common goal: getting even with the Warm Seasons.

All Seasons met in the rural part of Japan one day, and they agreed that in just 3 days, there would be a battle between the Seasons. Whoever had the greatest plan and the best Seasons would win, fair and square. Each pair of Seasons were confident, if not cocky, that they would win The Clash of the Seasons.

On the third day of April, it happened. Winter tracked down Spring and their plans played into action. Spring acted as if she didn’t care about the battle and told Winter she was thinking on forfeiting.

“Summer was so bothersome, anyway.”

Winter grew cocky, just as Spring wanted. The Warm Seasons thought that if they made the Cold Seasons’ big egos even bigger, then they would trick themselves into their own destruction. If that happened, the Cold Seasons would send themselves to me. The Cold Seasons had it figured out, though. They let the Warm Seasons think they were really full of themselves, and they focused on a bigger, more physical aspect of battling: sabotage.

It was Spring’s turn at that point in time to be the Head Season, and the Cold Seasons knew she liked to keep Nature warm and happy. So what did they do? Well, Autumn sent his huge winds throughout the world, which were so strong they swept people around like pawns on a chessboard. If that wasn’t enough (which it was), Winter sent his snowflakes pouring down all over the world- from Russia to Hawaii. Cold places like Russia and Canada overloaded with snow, which was shutting down power, closing roads, and even burying people inside their houses. Warm regions suffered Nature’s wrath, also. When an entire nation is adapted to hot climate and it instantly starts to snow, well, you can guess what happens. Some people even died from the shock of the coldness. They came to visit me with lots of stories about what happened. It’s okay; I listen.

The Warm Seasons grew angry that their heat and peacefulness was disrupted, so they decided to re-heat the Earth and restore happiness. While returning heat to Earth, Summer wanted revenge for what the Cold Seasons did, so she warmed up those cold areas like Finland and Iceland. Spring warned Summer to respect the balance of the Earth, but before you knew it, more people came to visit me with stories of how hot their land got when it hadn’t even gotten close to warm before.

After a week, every Season was at full out war. The Earth shifted between hot and cold, then hot and cold again. Every day, more and more people came to see me, telling me stories of how the Earth and its Nature was spinning out of control. I was pretty disappointed in the Seasons because they were messing up the ways of the Earth, and there were much more peaceful ways to meet me.

All over the world, people were wondering what ever happened to The Calendar because the weather became so dangerous and unpredictable. Meanwhile, Mother Nature was absolutely unhappy. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one disappointed in the Seasons. Mother Nature told all the seasons that if they couldn’t fix the havoc that they created in just 3 days, then she would eliminate all four of them and recruit one new Season that would be the only Season ever. His name was Omnia, which is Latin for “everything.” Mother Nature said that this was the perfect name for him because everything happened for his Season; heat, coldness, rain, harvesting, everything. It was every season wrapped in one, which was good because he wouldn’t have any other Season to battle with. If the Seasons didn’t work together to solve the problem they created, they would have to stop working as Seasons and would see me.

“If we don’t fix this, that newbie Season will have to fix it. Imagine! If all four of us can’t do it, how can one Season that’s never actually worked as a Season before fix it?” exclaimed Summer.

The Seasons tried everything. They tried warming the Earth up then cooling it down to have the perfect balance, but that failed. There were so many failed attempts that the Seasons just lost track. On the last day, neither Spring, Summer, Autumn, nor Winter could resolve what they started. Mother Nature came to the Seasons and told them that their time was up and it was time to see me. It was Omnia’s turn to try and fix it.

The seasons came to me with such vivid stories to share and such worry in their minds, hoping Omnia could solve this problem.

Well, Omnia tried. He tried everything to fix what those Seasons had done, but he had never been a Season before, and was ignorant as to fixing problems caused by Seasons. He was just an amateur, and it showed.

The world never recovered from The Clash of the Seasons, and now I have more company than ever. If we were able to put aside our differences and accept each other as equals despite those differences, we wouldn’t be in this position. If we were able to control our jealousy and our envy, maybe 2067 wouldn’t have ended that way. Maybe Earth would still exist.

So, I’ve told the story of The Clash of the Seasons with all of the perspectives. Now that you know the story, you probably have one question left. Who am I? Well, I am the one who has lots of company, and lots of stories about disasters. If that doesn’t give you a big enough hint, I guess I should just tell you.

I am the one who knows everything that has gone wrong with the world. I am the one who has lived forever and will live forever. I am the one who knows what is needed to fix a civilization based on my stories of disasters that I’ve gathered. I am the Teller of Disasters. Why, I am Death.

Seventh grader Elle Johnson, Severna Park Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves to swim, play the bass, write, and read.