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The Duck Story by Camden Files


This is a story about six newborn hatchlings that get lost in a very big town and have to live without their mother and father and always rely on each other.

Our story begins in a big suburban town at a lake. The sun is shining; the geese and ducks are quacking. All of a sudden, the ducks wake up to an empty nest.

One of the ducklings quacks, “Where is mommy and daddy?”

The rest yell, “MOMMY DADDY, WHERE ARE YOU?”

Since they were all scared and hungry, they agreed to go salvage for food. Out of the nest, they see this strange creature without feathers or fur and wonder what it could be. They are all curious to check out the weird looking creature. When they get a little closer, they see it has food and they all start quacking “FOOD, FOOD, FOOD , GIVE IT TO US.”

Before they get close enough to grab the food out of its hand, it starts throwing the food at them. “I think it is trying to scare us away,” one quacks. But, the longer they stay around the more they realize they don’t care about the strange thing. They only care about the food.

A few days pass and they get very tired. They fall asleep beside the freeway and dream about finding their mommy and daddy…

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Central Middle School sixth grader Camden Files plays football, soccer, basketball and baseball). He is also taking boxing lessons because it teaches him a lot of discipline, makes him tough, and teaches him how to defend himself.