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The Lost Ring by Julian Jackson


ringOne day a husband was taking out the trash 17 hours before his wedding vows were to be renewed. His name was Jeff. He and his wife Margaret had no children. They lived in the suburbs.

He took out the trash and gave it to the trash man. He was about to take his ring off to shower when he realized it was not there. He ran to the window, saw his ring fall out of the trash bag into the trash truck, and tried to run and catch up. He could not but he knew where it was going— to the Millerstown landfill. He grabbed a shovel and hopped into his car. When he got to the landfill, it was closed.

Ten hours until the vows were renewed and eight until the landfill opened. He climbed over the fence and went to the only open trash hole. He dug and dug and found a unique $1,000,000 vase. He put it in his car. It was one hour until his wife woke up and two until the vows were renewed.

An amazing plan started to form in his head. He sold the vase, bought a replica ring, and used the rest to buy his wife a new car.

His plan worked perfectly and so they lived happily ever after.

Sixth grader, Julian Jackson, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, loves basketball.