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The Mystery Meat by Sally Ford


The students were having so much fun. They were playing sports, running around, and so much more.

Then they got called to lunch; it was meatball sub day. The first person got her food and sat back down. Then as everyone started to eat, eyes came out of the meatballs. Everyone screamed and headed for the canoes. The counselors got the speedboat and all of the kids had to paddle. The canoes started to sink because of how many kids were in them. Some kids had to swim; but, they were doing fine. They made it to the island and they escaped the meat.meatball sub with eyes

The meat grew large and had so many eyes. The kids took cover; they wanted to go home. Someone’s house was nearby. Not all of them could fit. Luckily, a counselor lived next door. They escaped the meat. Well, so they thought.

They heard a crack; the window broke. The meat was breaking in; they ran for their lives. The children ran; most went home. The counselors left the kids to fight for themselves. The kids were scared, afraid to die. Some parents came and rushed their kids home. The parents were furious.

Nobody was in the S.T.E.M. program that year. The teachers were upset; they all got fired. The parents felt bad, but actually they didn’t. Their kids could’ve died if they didn’t come pick them up. When the children got home, they were very tired. They’d fought all day and Camp Letts got torn down. They all had fun until that awful meat attack. They hoped to go back next year but they didn’t anymore.

That was a remarkable day for those kids and they’ll never forget it.

Sixth grader Sally Ford, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, enjoyed writing about how meatball sub day turned into the attack of the mystery meat.