The Mystery of the Library Thief by Michael Beard


Our monthly field trip was going well. We did all of the activities as expected and were on the way out. Except, Libby went off to go to the bathroom and then she had to rush onto the bus and for some reason said, “When will we get on the bus?” to which Ethan quickly replied, “We’ll be there soon.”

As he said that, a dark figure reached into Libby’s backpack and ran off. Suddenly, we saw the shadow run into the library. Everyone had the sudden urge to follow the figure. The shadowy figure was leading us downstairs. We searched throughout many rooms for the thief. Even the bathroom.backpack

Before we knew it, we were in the library—thousands of books as far as we could see along with hundreds of mountainous bookshelves with what seemed like rows bigger than whole football fields. We all knew it would take forever to find the thief all together as a big group so we split into groups of 10.

My group started on the northwest side of the library. Each group slowly closed in on each side of the library, forcing the thief to move to the center with nowhere to go. We started to close in through the building. Bookshelf by bookshelf, we got closer. Then, one student blurted out, “I see him!” and he was shushed by the librarian. We moved faster and faster until we all could see the thief. But, there was a problem, he wasn’t trying to run away. In fact, he was returning the book. We asked him why he wasn’t running away from us and he said, “I noticed that girl over there took a book from the library without permission. So, I walked up to her and took it from her to return it.”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We were all in shock as the girl was Libby. It turns out she saw a book she had always wanted to read but she couldn’t take it with her. On the way out of the building, she snuck into the library and took the book. So it turns out, the thief was actually the hero.

Sixth grader Michael Beard, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, used the setting of the Library of Congress to write his own mystery.