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The Shark Attacks of Camp Letts 2015 by Aidan Ruiz


There I was, sitting inside of the Nessie, a giant sea creature. Wait, let me start from the beginning.

bull sharkIt was July 6th, the day I went to the STEM overnight camp. My whole STEM class and I went canoeing and then everything went bad. The bay turned into a bloodbath; no one was safe. There were bull sharks, 20 to be exact, and there was only one way to stop them. Someone needed to lure them away by cutting his skin and swimming away. That had to be me. By the way, my name is Aidan; and, that’s something you need to remember.

I did what I needed to do because I had to do it. It was a suicide mission; there was no way I would come out alive. I defied the odds but the way I did it was truly traumatizing. “Hey, you big dirt balls, over here! Come and get me!” I yelled. “Swoosh” the sharks swam fast towards me. One snatched my cut arm and broke it. Then, the next one grabbed my leg, I took out my pocketknife and stabbed each shark’s eyes out; but, one stayed alive and took my arms. Now, I have robotic, prosthetic arms. I do have increased strength.

The doctors said that I couldn’t go to school anymore because they thought I would hurt someone, so, they sent me to Scotland to become a super soldier. I went to train for the military camp for five years. Now I’m in, well, that’s classified but I can tell you one thing; I am wanted in 27 countries but known as dead in 20 others.

Nessie is a pretty big sea monster. She decided to eat me over several guys, all of whom were really smart and in the STEM program. I guess that’s why I was eaten. They learned way more stuff than I did because I spent most of my school time in military training to become super strong.

You never know what might happen. That’s why you always take as many chances that you can. You never know what will happen next. One night you’re learning math, and the next thing you know, you’re fighting sharks and might not see numbers again.

Sixth grader Aidan Ruiz, used his experience at Camp Letts to write this short story.