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Treasure! by Riley James


One day John was going on a class field trip on an archaeology dig at Beverly Triton Beach. John wanted to go so badly! John loved Social Studies and learning about ancient times and so did his best friend Joe. They both wanted to go to the same college and study the same things. They were both smart but Joe wasn’t as smart. He didn’t take his work as seriously as John. Joe was always goofing off and talking to people in class.

On the bus ride there, John and Joe could hardly contain their excitement! They were jumping around the seats talking to their classmates. When they were finally at the archaeology dig site, John and Joe were the first ones off of the bus. All of the classes were split into groups of four. Joe and John were lucky to be in the same group because there was a really strict teacher who was throwing orders at everyone! John and Joe were lucky to not be in that teacher’s group. Her name was Mrs. Powder. Some kids snuck out of that group to get away from her.

The first thing John’s group did was to make pottery that they used during historic times. John made a bowl and Joe made a mug. Most of the kids made mugs or cups because they thought it was easiest. Joe was finished before all of the other kids because he was extremely artistic. The second thing John’s group did was sort through a bunch of different artifacts and then try to make the figure. Joe made a brown mug and John made a white plate with blue markings.

The next and final activity washovels John and Joe’s favorite, where you had to dig into the ground then sift through all of the extras. Some kids found old pieces of leather and others found sticks. John and Joe were becoming angry because their hole didn’t have anything in there so far. Joe became really angry and threw down his wooden shovel. It hit the ground with a thud and a metal sound. Joe and John looked up at each other at the same time. They immediately dropped to their knees and started digging. All of the teachers and kids had gathered around and some started help digging.

After two full minutes of digging, everyone realized what it was. It was a bag, a huge bag made of perfect cloth with flowing, colorful stripes and designs. Joe picked the bag up so he could admire it from all angles. One of the teachers ripped the bag from him and opened it. Inside were beautiful plates and bowls and pottery with different textures.

“We need to get this to the museum! This could be worth millions!” Everyone gasped as Joe took the bag back from the teacher and said, “No! We found it! You cannot take this from us!”

Just then, Joe took off into the woods, running like he never had before. Two of the other teachers took off after him. But, Joe was quick. Before the teacher got near him, he was up a tree and hidden from sight. John had seen which tree he went up so he followed the teachers back into the main area. Before they got there, John ducked into the woods. John found Joe still in the tree, even though it had gotten dark. John’s house wasn’t too far from the woods that they were in so they were lucky.

Once they reached John’s house, Joe’s parents were there. They were so worried about both of them. John and Joe were lucky to be okay.

Riley James is a sixth grader at Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County.