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Turtles in Trash Trouble by Max Houck


turtleOne day in the midst of August, a young boy named Jack was walking along the beach with his mother to collect sea glass. Jack was careful and cautious of his surroundings. He also was adventurous and took on any challenge he was faced with. As he filled his bucket with colorful pieces of glass, he noticed something a little farther down. It did not look like sea glass but a beached turtle.

Jack ran as hard as he could to go and save the turtle. As he arrived, he saw that the turtle was misshapen and deformed. The reason for this was that he was trapped in plastic from a soda carrier. Jack yelled to his mother so she could help cut him free. Jack cut the turtle free with his pocket knife and it started to move again. Jack’s mother picked the turtle up and saw that his back legs where white. That told her that there was no blood flow and his legs were dying. seaglass

“We have to take him home and help him,” said Jack.

“Okay, your right. We can nurse him back to health,” said his mother.

So Jack and his mother grabbed the turtle and took him back to their home. Once they got home they put him in water and read online how to nurse a turtle back to health. Then they went to the store and got lettuce and a tank.

After a few days the turtle recuperated and his legs regained their color.

“We should take him back to the ocean,” said Jack’s mother.

“Yeah,” said Jack.

They took the turtle back to the beach and released it back into the ocean. Jack then realized that there was much more trash lying around on the sand. He told mother and they started to clean up. A week later Jack and his mother organized a group to go out and clean up beaches. They were able to keep other animals safe from trash.

Central Middle School 6th grader Max Houck loves to learn about animals.