One of my favorite field trips this year was to Beverly Triton Beach.

Beverly Triton Beach. Photo: Anne Arundel County

We had stations throughout the day that were all fun. My favorite artifacts were the arrowheads from the Native Americans. At my favorite station, we found a few small pieces of pottery, although we mainly found clams, tons of them; and, we could keep the ones that had hinges. The bay was full of clams hundreds of years ago and the Native Americans that lived on the shore ate them. Also, at that station, we got to see artifacts that the scientists had found before. The artifacts were sorted into periods of time.

At another station, we looked at the water quality of the beach, something we had done twice before at other locations. Also, to see if the beach was healthy, we looked for signs of life. After that, we made Native American pottery (or we tried to). We glazed our pottery later at school. At another station, we learned all about the different types of pottery and what categories the pottery and other artifacts are sorted into. We also learned how to clean artifacts and put together pieces from a plate, to learn how the archaeologists have to put together artifacts that are in little pieces.

Finally, we had a station with pretend artifacts that we used to guess what the purpose of the building and its room may have been long ago.

Bryce Purnell is a history-loving sixth grader at Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, who is a sports junkie, especially football.