4 Jan 2016

tornadoI went to bed thinking it was going to be a normal Saturday. I had a feeling this was going to be a fun day. Unfortunately, I was wrong. This seems to be the case again, and again, and again.

I went to sleep in bed upstairs as usual and woke up next to a demolished house on an island. I lived on an island because I loved water. My house didn’t though. So apparently, my house was flooded and all my sirens broke. After that, a tornado hit the house and the sirens didn’t give me any warning. Don’t even asked how I slept through the tornado.

All I could scavenge from my house was a roll of duct tape and some cardboard. I knew how to build a cardboard boat from my time in middle school but I saw something when I went east to build it.

I knew my island was big but I didn’t know how big until then. Apparently, my TV survived and was working. It said all trash from local dumps were turning into trash monsters and that all the trash is missing. Nobody seemed to know or care where it was but everyone in the county was happy… except ME. Guess where that cursed trash is…MY ISLAND.

Even though nobody was around to hear the sarcasm I said, “Hooray, of all the island people… it had to be ME.”

So now, I had about 10 hours until sunset. I used five hours to build a cardboard boat with the materials I had found and four hours to get from my island to shore and back. It took so long because it took one hour to get the boat out of the water and another hour fighting sharks on my way. I took another hour hiking to the county office to report my predicament and all they did was laugh at me and said they would send someone in a helicopter to check.

It took another hour to get the helicopter back to my island. I am so scared of heights I think we should have gone the shark way. It took 30 minutes on the way back stopping on a mountain to refill the fuel and 30 more minutes to stop for a pack of pigeons (I hate that bird).

When the helicopter pilot saw all the trash, he went back for help. It took him 30 minutes to go back and forth and another 15 minutes to explain the situation to the county. When help finally got there, we only had 15 minutes left to destroy the trash before sunset.

I fixed up my old heatproof container for ashes while they incinerated the trash. While working I thought how the trash was being evil. Then I saw the trash was actually not actually being incinerated at the dumps but was being compressed into compacted blocks.

The trash wasn’t actually alive but it seemed like it was because at night air would get in and out and moved the trash around like a monster. Now the trash was so compressed that it couldn’t separate.

Well anyway, we incinerated the trash and grabbed my super long cloth to filter the smoke by putting it in a giant jar (do not ask why my grandma left this to me in her will) and then we took the ashes and put them in the heatproof container. I put pocket holes in the back so it still acted monster-like and the folks that worked hard felt like they did something.

That was the creepiest Saturday yet and when I went to bed on the sand, I woke up in a tree and every book from the Library of Congress was with me. Of course, my TV said that the books from the Library of Congress were eating people that read them and came alive at night.

Here we go again in the fun life of me.

Sixth grader Connor McKnight, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, avid fiction reader and athlete who loves lacrosse and football.